Treading Water by Angie Oakley – Birth of a Bestseller!

Want to be on board with the next big bestseller? Here’s your chance. Allow me to introduce Treading Water by me…Angie Oakley. It’s a top new Australian read, and I should know, I’ve read it a few thousand times. It’s out there on Amazon just waiting for your click.

Cover_front publicityHere’s the  cover. Haunting isn’t it? Amazon will offer you the first couple of chapters for free, and then you’ll be hooked. I certainly was…and I knew what was going to happen!

And here’s a taster:

The story is set in the inner city Brisbane suburb of Paddington, and explores a complex family with secrets kept too long.

 Sixteen-year-old Lucy Connelly is haunted by a suicide she witnesses while rowing on the Brisbane River and troubled by her wealthy parents’ ugly divorce ten years earlier. Lucy has always felt close to Paul, the older cousin of her best friend, without realizing that he knows Luke, the boy who jumped from the bridge.

Paul has his own problems. His father drags him back and forth between England and Australia, trying to put together the jigsaw of his shattered family. Paul is seething with resentment, but feels great tenderness for the fragile Lucy.  The trajectory of their lives leads Paul and Lucy back to the bridge, to a meeting that may be too late to rescue them from a tragedy that has been a long time in the making.

Hooked? Thought so. Watch this space for the next exciting instalment of

Birth of a Bestseller

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